A dear friend sent me these two pictures today. 
Thing is, I know I'm selling myself short. I do. But I so desire to help people, and I understand budgets. I don't plan to ever charge $170.00 for an 8' cake. It's not a price I'd ever pay, so why charge it?

But it was a reminder, that I can't please everyone. Not everyone is going to be able to afford a custom cake, and I should stop beating myself up over that. I can't pay to make a cake for someone (I've come very close to just that a time or two), and have to make a living too. I try to be fair, and to make it so we can have our cake.... and not break the bank. ;)

What is it about the beginning of spring that makes me unable to pull it together?
Maybe it's just my love of the Winter hibernation. Snoooooooze. Oh, pictures?
Yea... I took a few. Forgot to most of the time, but here's what I did manage: 

I am venturing back into civilization after giving birth to my 4th daughter in September. Miss me?

Oh I've baked since then (even I need a sugar kick sometimes!), for friends and family. And during this absence I have made a name for myself in the art of custom cupcake design.
Mmmm... cupcakes. Could eat one right now myself. Lol!

I am ringing in the New Year with a new vision for my dinky little bakery, and now bring you the best in Custom Cupcakes. Your favorite cake and buttercream flavors, personalized with custom toppers, themed hand modeled pieces-anything to fit your event!  All of this made with my home made fondant, the stuff you already know and love. I design cupcake towers for weddings, and and happy to help you with your dessert table-scape as well. 

So happy New Year ya'll, I look forward to creating something special just for you this year!

The Cupcake Lady
It's simply been too long since I have uploaded and posted what I've been up to!
So here is my update, the pics I managed to remember to take, since Feb. 
Enjoy browsing, and I look forward to creating something special for you too! 
It not too early to start thinking of Women's Holiday (ahem, I mean Valentines Day), and to make the big night even sweeter, I have a limited time special going from Jan. 1st- Feb. 5th!

Savor The Moment will be offering custom 4" "Sweetheart" personal cakes, sized perfectly for just the two of you. Savor your favorite flavors over a candle light dinner, or even dinner in bed!

Choose from a menu of options, and customize your message to make her swoon. 
Cakes are iced in a rich dark chocolate ganache, or my special recipe marshmallow fondant. Cakes come in custom box, tied with ribbon.  

Flavors to choose from:
Dark Chocolate
Red Velvet
Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Buttercream
Cream Cheese
Raspberry Buttercream
Dark Chocolate Ganache
(smooth, shiny, elegant)
Marshmallow Fondant
(decorative, colorful)
When placing your order, please give your flavor options, any design requests (pink hearts with "be mine" for example), and the time you would like to pick up on the 13th or 14th. 

Place your order now!    Only $10.00 each!
Orders and payment must be received by Feb 5th.

Here are some examples of possible designs:
That's my "welcome to Texas" play on their "Wreck the Halls" logo. I put this little quip on one of the cakes I had the honor of making for Jen and John of Cake Wrecks for their "Winter Underlined" book tour. I have been looking forward to this night for weeks, and they did not disappoint!  [Even my hubby is a new fan!]

What do you make when feeding 250 people and have free rein on your menu?! I had fun and went with a fall themed display and made Banana and Caramel cupcakes, Pumpkin Spice cake pops, Red Velvet cake with New York Cheesecake filling, White cake with my famous Lemon butter cream and OF COURSE the famed Carrot cake with the "Naked Mohawk Baby Carrot Jockey"! 

The night was packed with laughs to the point of tears, and many stories of personal wrecks. I loved judging the cupcake wrecklica contest with them and serving my cakes to the masses. It was a rare opportunity getting to talk to and interact with the guests. Not to mention I handed out over 100 business cards! Wow!

In the end, a measly 3 pieces of cake were left and were quickly taken up by the staff. Oh! The staff at this book store (A Real Bookstore at the Village At Fairview) were just ah-mazingly sweet. We even had a bodyguard there to protect the cupcakes from little fingers while I was wandering. Cute and thoughtful. The staff was eager to help, always smiling, and very friendly. I highly recommend a stop there if you're ever in the area. And make sure to bring your kids cause they have the most awesome kids area ever!

Ok, back to cakes. :)
 No.. really. 
I'm back from my little break time, so bring it Dallas! 
I can't think of a better way to come out of my sabbatical than to create for Cake Wrecks. So thank you so much Jen and John, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Dallas, and I hope to see you again in the future. 

For a daily hit of hilarious- don't forget to visit www.cakewrecks.com. 
But beware friends, it's addictive. 

Here are a few pics from the night, hope to see better ones on the cake wrecks blog soon. 

Keep it sweet, 

Whew, is it almost Fall already?! This summer has flown by! I know y'all kept me busy with cakes, and I do appreciate it. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am slowing down on my cake order intake, and switching to more cupcakes and custom designs there. I did however have some Sept. orders I finished up before making that transition, and I'll share those here. I have one last order for this month, and it's cupcake time! Woot!

The Army looking cake is actually a "Call of Duty", and the polka dot/striped cake is from a nursery theme the client sent to me. Super cute for little Gustin. :) 

And here is my first preview of my new cake pop display method, how do you like it?

Thanks for visiting,

The last 18 months has seen so much business, I continue to be surprised by it. 
My clients are wonderful, and so very appreciated. 

So it comes with no little regret, that I must let you all know I will be limiting the amount of cakes I make for at least the next 6 months, as my husband and I are trying to expand our family. I am also interested in growing this company in a new way- as a Cupcakery. Yup, you read it right. Silly little term, but basically it means I will specialize in and mainly provide cupcakes, truffles, cake pops, and cookies. I WILL still bake and create the cakes you all know, but only by special request, and only when I am available. I will say that booking a cake order at least 2 weeks in advance helps- a lot. 

*Also, if you'd like to see the most recent creations, please look to the cake and cupcake gallery for those pics, instead of here on the blog. *

Thank you all again for your understanding and support during this transition-

Keep it sweet~ Gretchen
William is turning one~ and this adorable cake just screams fun! 
I hope he has a blast tearing into it. :)
My good friend asked me to make her some Mario themed cupcakes for her son's birthday. It's been years, I repeat years! since I have even thought of Mario and friends. lol
A little refresher on google and ta-da! How do you like them? I swear the pics make them look good enough to gobble!

Photography is by Robin Sherman Photography- find her on Facebook peoples, now!http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robin-Sherman-Photography